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The Transpo Cut Capo?

  • Patented Double Capo System
  • Combines a Short Cut Capo and a Regular Capo into one convenient system
  • Provides Alternate Tuning And New Chord Structures
  • For Both Beginners and Advanced Guitarists
  • Play Complex Chords With Just One or Two Fingers
  • Provides A More Open and Full Chord Sound As Compared To Standard Tuning
  • Can ALSO be used as a regular standard capo
  • Revolutionary Redlined Rubber™ Molds To Guitar Strings Preventing unwanted De-Tuning
  • A must have for worship leaders

Coming Soon - One Capo To Rule Them All - The Evolution Capo!

"Introducing... A NEW Way to Play Your Guitar!
The Transpo Short Cut Capo allows ANYBODY,
From Beginner to Advanced Guitarists,
To EASILY Produce a Rich, Full Sound..."

Cut Capo / Short Cut Capo / Partial Capo / Shortcut Capo fans rejoice! The Patented TRANSPO™ Capo opens up a new way to play chords and alternative tuning for guitarists. The TRANSPO™ Capo is two capos in one, combining the benefits of using both a cut capo and a regular standard capo simultaneously.

Users of the short cut capo or cut capo will instantly benefit from the Transpo Capo’s lack of limitations that previous partial capo or shortcut capo products contain.

For beginners, the Transpo Capo allows immediate opportunities to get into the guitar and start enjoying playing simple chords and strumming patterns as they ease into the guitar playing fundamentals. The Transpo Capo is also used by musicians with hand/finger disabilities that would otherwise prevent them from playing and enjoying the guitar.

For songwriters who do not need to or want to "master" the guitar but require just a simple method in learning quick and simple chord structures to augment and inspire their songwriting, the Transpo Capo is a perfect choice.

For advanced players/professional players who are looking to take their guitar playing to the next level by experimenting with alternative tunings and new chord structures and voicings, the Transpo Capo can be that tool.

For worship leaders who desire more to concentrate more on "leading" their congregation to heartfelt worship instead of worrying about complex chord structures and want to create an atmosphere that is conducive to worship by providing a rich and open guitar sound, the Transpo Capo is helping countless worship leaders worldwide accomplish this.

With the Transpo Capo, you are only limited by your imagination and creativity!

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